Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Poetry Bus

Here is my poem for The Poetry Bus.

Windy Morning

In the morning
Before I polish my shoes
I have my breakfast
And turn on the news

Muesli and melon
Prune juice and bran
I like to break wind
As much as I can

Hot buttered toast
Castor oil and crumpet
Helps me loosen the valves
And blow my own trumpet

Then Auntie pours milk
And I sip my tea
And we’re just as happy
As happy can be


  1. It's going to be hard to improve on perfection.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog - call again please.
    Nifty little poem you've got there.

  3. Superb. I needed that. Beautifully done - and I cracked up. What more can one ask?

  4. A poet after me own heart - always ready to bow to the scatologically inevitable!
    (Now . . . what rhymes with "heart"?)

  5. Doctor FTSE just made me google scatological and I wish I hadn't... give's a new meaning to the song "I'm a scat man"

    Anyway - lots of joy pervading this one Captain. Excellent job

  6. Yes, Cap'n, I'm a morning farter too. A sweet and charming ode that deserves a wider audience.

  7. Nice work! A real antidote to pretentious poems everywhere (was going to say 'breath of fresh air' but on reflection...)

  8. LOL! Nicely done. Reminded me of 'Filth' by Irvine Welsh.

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