Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Poetry Bus

Here is my poem for The Poetry Bus.

Windy Morning

In the morning
Before I polish my shoes
I have my breakfast
And turn on the news

Muesli and melon
Prune juice and bran
I like to break wind
As much as I can

Hot buttered toast
Castor oil and crumpet
Helps me loosen the valves
And blow my own trumpet

Then Auntie pours milk
And I sip my tea
And we’re just as happy
As happy can be

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello and welcome

Hello world and welcome to my blog.
If you would like to follow me, please do so at a safe distance, be careful and wear hi visibility clothing in poor weather conditions ,such as heavy rain, mist or fog etc. Ha ha ha, I do like a good jest .

My name is Reginald I am a male and breed long eared fancy rabbits for 'a crust' (as they say) My hobbies include novelty cardigans (collecting said items) country dancing (dancing) model railways(building them) and War Games (playing them)

I am a liberal kind of chap on the whole(even voting 'Liberal' in the recent political elections here in the United Kingdom (or UK as it sometimes abbreviated)

I often have some quite 'wild and whacky' ideas /thoughts etc So I thought I might start a blog to share them with the world.

I feel quite tired now so will go for a little rest, Aunty will have my supper ready soon, kippers on toast- my favourite!

Good bye for now,